Why Bengal Fans are Insane: And Mike Brown Loves it.

Written By: Lucas Fryman/@DoubleTechCincy

Photo: Chris Roling from https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/19/nfl-agents-rip-bengals-ill-prepared-least-trustworthy/

“Ride or Die”, “Through thick and thin I’m there”, “If you weren’t there for our lowest, you can’t be there for our best”, “I will always bleed (insert color here)”, ‘” I’ll always let my flag wave.”



Have you heard these fans before? Are you one of those fans? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, we need to have a talk. 


If you are one of those fans and a fan of the Bengals, I have some tough news for you: You are a part of the problem. 


I know this is going to be a lot to take in but let me give you a short story. Let’s say that you go to the store. You’re browsing when you stumble upon a brand new, local made laptop. This laptop is an old successful company that has been passed down and is going through a bit of change. They tell you when you buy this product that you get the guarantee that it will meet all your needs within a few years as they work till making their product better. 


We now fast-forward 28 years later and we are still experiencing the same technical issues that were supposed to be temporary development issues, as well as us developing some new issues. The company no longer offers free fixes or upgrades, they will only work for pay and they say it is so they can function. They can’t survive without local support so it’s on us to make sure they don’t go out of business. So we stick it out because we want to say we support a local product, and who knows maybe one day they will deliver on their original promise.


This is the entire Cincinnati Bengals fandom and frankly it is an issue. To many of these fans are the customer that I listed above with the quotes stated at the beginning. They would never give up on their team, they aren’t fair weather, ride till they die, lick their wounds and comeback next year. 


Now don’t get me wrong, having this mindset and some resilience as a sports fan is key. If you don’t have that then you are fair weather. If you are someone like this emotionally drained Bengals Fan, eventually enough is enough. 28 years (which is longer than I have been alive and the longest streak in the NFL) is too long to go without being successful.


Frankly, this makes the entire fan base insane. We are complacent with this organization and the constant atrocity and mediocre product that they routinely put on the field for us. We accept that we have had the same heard coach for 16 of the 28 winless years. All the while having netted a 0-7 playoff record in that time. 28 years since this organization has won one game that matters. 


What are we going to do about this? “Support them and hope we are better next year!”




Are you kidding me? If you haven’t figured it out yet this article us about the need for Cincinnati Bengals fans to boycott the team. Not the players, but the organization. We are an insane fan base, but what insane are you. 


Are you one of those fans I started off the article quoting? If so, you are a part of the problem, actually you are 50/50 with one other person Mike Brown. You rather be complacent and go through “thick and thin” than demand actual change happens for your team. You are Mike Browns puppet essentially. Let me elaborate on that.


The whole ideal that you must be this die-hard fan is something that was designed and passed down in our American culture by these owners to ensure that their money always flows. How do they do this? Well it started with the first fans and the sayings passed down from generation to generation and that is why we are all still complacent and somehow not able to see this line of failure and mediocrity. 


This is what they want. You will continue to fund them money even win they are not delivering on their portion of the promise, to give you a winning team. You blindly go through the process because you are afraid to go against what the organization wants, against your culture, against other fans. I am here to get the other insane fans like myself to join together and boycott the Bengals. Not boycott in the sense that we don’t watch the games or support the players, because I’ll make this very clear, THE PLAYERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM HERE! 


Is that clear enough? No? Still don’t believe me? Ok. THE PLAYERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!


I love our players and what they do for this community and the fact that they put their bodies on the line for our team every game. I am saying that we do not give money to this team. Watch the games from home not at the stadium, don’t buy jerseys, don’t give them a cent of your hard-earned money. 


We need to hurt Mike Brown financially to cause a change. He is to comfortable smoking a cigar in his office while his daughter runs operations. He gets to sit there collect cash and laugh as we fall for the same trap that he placed, but the tap keeps getting set up and set off by the fans as they wage a war amongst themselves. When we get to these low points in the season, you see the in-fighting rise. “Fair weather fan”, “Childish”, “Entitled”. Actually, that last one irks me. 


“Entitled” ……..


Who knew that it was a crime as a fan to be entitled to getting a quality product. Oh wait, that is right most of you with the product I listed above would feel entitled for the company to improve their product or you’d move one, hell you probably wouldn’t have even stuck with them for 28 years. Instead we switch this to sports and all of a sudden that is foreign language, and nobody understands this simple concept.


Winning is about luck…. Sometimes. It is mostly about competence and standards. Something the Bengals lack more than any organization (Yes, less than the Browns). 


Why do you think that team in Pittsburgh has always been successful? Even their down times didn’t last more than a few years. How about that team up north? In New England, once they found the equation, they have done everything in their power to not let it go. Why you ask? Because if they don’t meet the needs of their fan base there will be consequences. Those fans demand success.


Our Insanely weak-minded, well trained fan base has chosen to go the opposite route. Complain amongst one another, sit around, do nothing, and hope for change next year. Oh, and all the while you yell or fight anyone that has any sort of thought about demanding a change.


That is to childish to some, or like I said previously entitled. Damnit if you can’t be outspoken about the team you love and demand change to better your organization than you can’t do anything in this country. This should be what you stand up for when it comes to your fandom. Everyone is trained so well not to fight against the higher power, but the moment that we hurt Mike Brown’s pocket is the day true change will happen.


If you love this team and love the players as much as you say you do, then you would want this outcome. Instead though most of you will read this article, maybe not entirely, and go on playing as a pawn in their game. This will happen while some, hopefully more than I know, will actually call for change. Demand something be done to this organization and give our fans, our community, our players, our pride a restart that is much needed.


This is more than a Marvin Lewis or Mike Brown issue. This is a fan issue. In the mid-west we have the most complacent people in the country that can talk a lot of talk, but never stand their ground. We must boycott the Bengal’s in some way to gain their attention, their respect.


They do not care about the fan base at the organizational level. I understand this will probably upset players, but at the end of the day we deserve a great product. Last time I checked 28 years of barley hiding mediocre on the rating scale is not a great product. It’s hardly something that you should take off the shelf to look at. We long for the 80’s when this organization was ran to make fans happy thus bringing them money. Once Mike Brown got his, he turned off the tv, stopped reading the newspaper, and ultimately stopped caring about you and me. 


If you’re not willing to accept that or accept this challenge to instill change, then I wish you luck. I will love the Bengals until I die, but without change I can guarantee you, me, and every fan alive right now WILL NOT see the Cincinnati Bengals win a playoff game. 


So please don’t continue to be a part of the problem. Begin to be a part of the solution for this team. Sign up below with your name and email to show your support and we will take this to Mike Brown himself to see how many people deserve for this organization to change its sedentary ways.

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