The Clock Strikes Midnight for the Wildcats

# 11 Kentucky 17     # 6 Georgia 34


The Clock Strikes Midnight for the Wildcats


            The dream for an extra game in Atlanta to end the season in the SEC Championship game came to a crashing halt on Saturday afternoon in Lexington.   It was an eerie afternoon in Lexington, a day that in hindsight had the feel of an impending loss.  I have only had season tickets for a few years now so most of my life I watched the UK games at home.  This was arguably the biggest game for the Cats in the last 30 years and I expected that to be matched in the environment.  The best and craziest that I have ever seen that stadium was on September 23, 2017 against the Florida Gators.  I expected that to be matched on Saturday but it wasn’t.  The parking lot was not full hours before the game, the student section was not jumping and screaming an hour before kick off, the crowd did not seem on the verge of exploding at a moments notice.  This is not a dig at the UK fan base, I truly believe they are the best in college sports.  I think that in a way we knew that we are not at the SEC Championship level yet and to be honest we were never really in the game.  Lets take a closer look at the game itself.


            The game started with a quick Kentucky possession followed immediately by a Georgia touchdown.  This was devastating and really took a lot of energy out of Kroger field.  Kentucky was the next to get on the board with a field goal but Georgia immediately followed that up with another touchdown that was back breaking. Georgia started off the second half with two straight touchdown drives and the game was all but over at this point. It was really like I said a strange game where for some reason the stadium never seemed to completely buy into our chances of winning.


The Good

Terry Wilson Jr. had a strong game and although it seems to be forgotten at times he is only a sophomore and the future for Kentucky at the quarterback position.   The Kentucky Defense led by Josh Allen and his two-fumble recoveries gave up the most points they have all season but are still one of the best in the country.  Josh Allen is a special player and it has been fun to watch him dominate this season. We didn’t lost 77-16 like some school in the state did.  


The Bad

Kentucky’s running game has not been the same for the last four games.  We are struggling getting Benny going and we lost the ability to be able to get the short runs on third down.  Earlier this season Benny and that offensive line were clutch in short yardage situations and now we are really struggling getting positive yardage at those times.  With having a inconsistent passing game this is a problem moving forward.


The Ugly

The way Louisville lost to Clemson.  We are okay! We lost to a better Georgia team that dominated us in every aspect of the game but that happens.  We are still 7-2 with a really good chance of winning out the season.  The program is in a good spot and getting better, we are not at the top of the SEC east yet but we are building ourselves a program that can get there.  



Scoring Breakdown

UG – Isaac Nauta 4 yard Reception 10:37 1Q 0-7 Georgia

UK – Chance Poore 34 yard Field Goal 8:23 2Q 3-7 Georgia

UG – D’Andre Swift 20 yard Rushing Touchdown 2:28 2Q 3-14 Georgia

UG – Elijah Holyfield 4 yard Rushing Touchdown 10:20 3Q 3-21 Georgia

UG – D’Andre Swift 83 yard Rushing Touchdown 7:56 3Q 3-28 Georgia

UK – Benny Snell Jr. 9 Rushing Touchdown 3:45 3Q 10-28 Georgia

UG – Rodrigo Blakenship 23 Yard Field Goal 11:44 4Q 10-31 Georgia

UK – Asim Rose 31 yard Reception 9:01 4Q 17-31 Georgia 

UG – Rodrigo Blakenship 38 Yard Field Goal 3:32 4Q 17-34 Georgia