#10 Kentucky vs Monmouth Preview

#10 Kentucky vs Monmouth Preview


             Ok, so this is a game that Kentucky needs to win by more than 30 points.  This is a winless Monmouth team that has losses this season to Lehigh, Colgate, St Joes, Valparaiso, Cal State Fullerton, and Princeton. If this game is close than I will get much closer to hitting the panic button.


            Monmouth does not have a stat that really jumps out at me as something that they do well.  They attempt 18.7 threes on the season but only make them 25% of the time. They average 22 fouls a game so look for the Cats to get plenty of attempts from the free throw line.  They are sloppy with the ball turning it over almost 16 times a game.  As a team they are only averaging 60 points a game.  If this team can score more than 55 points against the Cats then there are some serious defensive deficiencies for UK.  They will also be outmanned underneath the basket.  The only big man that gets big minutes is 6’8”, they have three other players they will rotate in but none of them should give the Cats issues.  The only bright spot on the Monmouth team is also their only player averaging in double digits scoring.  Deion Hammond is the guy that is going to try to have one of those crazy awesome shooting games against UK.  


            Kentucky should be able to do whatever they want in this basketball game.  Kentucky needs to manhandle and destroy this team for their own confidence building. There is not a position or player matchup that does not way heavily in the Cats favor.  I want to see UK come out get a big lead and hold it against a team that is going to struggle against them in all five positions.  Kentucky should even come out planning on attempting a three point shot.  The four bigs that Monmouth is going to rotate should all be in foul trouble before the end of the first half.  Kentucky needs a blow out for confidence and Monmouth comes into Lexington at the perfect time for that.  



Kentucky is going to dominate this game from opening tip.  They haven’t played since last Friday and they are going to come out hungry and focused.  Kentucky runs away with this game 114-52.