The Cats Destroy Louisville

#15 Kentucky 56    Louisville 10


The Cats Destroy Louisville


            From the opening kickoff to the final second the Wildcats dominated the University of Louisville on Saturday night.  Kentucky was able to force their will upon the Cardinals who could not over come the talent disparity or get out of their own way.



            UL was quite simply out manned in this football game. Kentucky had the superior talent and the superior mental toughness.  Starting from the early moments in the game there was some back and forth between the two teams as there usually is in this rivalry.  After that UL could not get it out of their head and went on to get 12 penalties for 134 yards throughout the game.  In the first half a lot of those penalties erased major offensive plays or kept UK drives going.  When you are the less of the two teams talent wise you cannot afford to shoot yourself in the foot that way.  This Louisville football team reminds me of the skill level that Kentucky had when Mark Stoops first took over the program.  Louisville has some rebuilding on their hands whoever the next coach might be. 



            Kentucky looked as good as they have all season in this game.   Kentucky was able to both run and throw the ball at will.  They were able to get their tight ends involved, they had almost three players rush for 100 yards.  They had two different players catch touchdown passes.  Terry Wilson looked more like Tim Couch throwing the ball all over the field.  Benny Snell Jr. got a little banged up so he only rushed for 100 yards giving Rose time to get in some touches.  This puts Snell 117 yards shy of the all time rushing record for UK.  Hopefully whomever we get in the bowl game will have a bad rush defense.  As always Allen had a tremendous game getting a sack and another tackle for loss in addition to causing multiple holding penalties on UL.  Playing this good against Louisville makes this one of those games you are going to want to keep on your DVR to watch over and over.  


The Crowd at Cardinal Field

            Saturday was my first time attending a college football game at Cardinal Stadium.  The stadium is beautiful and I wanted to take a minute to talk about how welcoming and nice the crowd was Saturday.  The crowd seemed to be split almost 50-50 between UK and UL fans.  Every UL fan that I ran into was incredibly friendly and welcoming.  Being as bad a UL was this season I feel it is safe to suggest that the fans in attendance on Saturday are some of the best of the Cardinal fan base.  This is the way it should be at stadiums.  Joke with the opposing fans and have fun because at the end of the day that is why everyone is there.  There are many fan bases that have a bad reputation for the way their fans behave and I am glad to report that the UL fans at the game on Saturday were as classy as they get.  With that said I still hope their sports teams lose every game.  


Scoring Breakdown

UK – Benny Snell Jr. 7 yard Rushing Touchdown 9:03 1Q 7-0 Kentucky

UK – Terry Wilson 3 yard Rushing Touchdown 2:05 1Q 14-0 Kentucky

UL – Malik Cunningham 75 yard Rushing Touchdown 1:50 1Q 14-7 Kentucky

UK – Benny Snell Jr. 24 yard Rushing Touchdown 13:03 2Q 21-7 Kentucky

UL – Blanton Creque 32 yard Field Goal 8:51 2Q 21-10 Kentucky

UK – Lynn Bowden Jr. 28 yard Receiving Touchdown 4:08 2Q 28-10 Kentucky

UK – Lynn Bowden Jr. 13 yard Receiving Touchdown 0:31 2Q 35-10 Kentucky

UK – Josh Ali 32 yard Receiving Touchdown 14:04 4Q 42-10 Kentucky 

UK – Asim Rose 75 yard Rushing Touchdown 11:09 4Q 49-10 Kentucky

UK – Kavosiey Smoke 37 yard Rushing Touchdown 4:40 4Q 56-10 Kentucky