#15 Kentucky vs Louisville

Rivalry week in sports are a wonderful thing.  There is a level of dislike that can’t be explained with reason because it lives beyond reason.  You can hate a player for four years because he destroyed your team on the field then wish him the best in life the day after his final game.  Rivalries are not owning a red piece of clothing because you despise the color the enemy wears.  They can even include getting enjoyment when a financial fraud scandal/restaurant sex scandal/stripper scandal/playbook theft scandal/paying a basketball player scandal erupt at the disliked school.  This is a rivalry that will miss Rick Pitino, Bobby Petrino, and Tom Jurich, whom all have been replaced by more likeable people.  This is that week for the university of Kentucky as they travel to Louisville to play UL.  The UK vs UL rivalry is the best in college sports.  They are in different conferences so they only get one chance to prove themselves better than their opponent.  This is the week where Kentucky proves they are the better football team than Louisville.  


            Louisville is 2-9 on the season has looked so bad their school paid the head coach 14 million dollars to stop coaching the team. Louisville has given up 473 points in eleven games so far this season.  That ranks in at 115thout of 130 FBS teams.  This is a Louisville team that gives up 271 rushing yards a game.  You would think that means they have a shut down passing defense, nope.  They give up 201 yards through the air.  I am not saying that UL does not have talented players, they do, I am saying these players have given up on the season.  On the offensive side of the ball things are not looking much better.  They average 20 points per game and can move the ball effectively at times but have trouble putting points on the board.  They also have gotten a lot of their points in late game situations where they were playing against second strings because they were losing by so much. The UL blogs and fans are putting a positive spin on the game saying that UL has been practicing all week with the intensity of a team preparing for their bowl week.  That’s is possible, but a team that has played lack luster all season is not going to turn around it all around in one week.  


            This is one of the best Kentucky teams that we have ever had.  This is a team that is fired up and going to go into an atmosphere against their rival where it is possible they will have the majority of the fans on the road.  I do not see any way that UL can slow down Benny Snell Jr.  Benny is only 207 yards shy of setting the all time rushing record at UK.  This is a record that he has been very vocal about wanting to make sure he sets.  I think there is a chance that he can set the record this Saturday at Louisville.  I think Kentucky is going to come out fired up for this game and get an early lead on Louisville.  Once this happens with the season they have had UL is going to quit on the game.  There would be nothing else for the Cardinals to play for in the game.  Kentucky has been struggling on the offensive side of the ball for the last few weeks.  There is a chance that they could struggle on Saturday but I would be surprised.  I expect Terry Wilson to be able to throw the ball just well enough that he can spread out the defense for the UK running game to do their thing.  


            It’s a rivalry game so anything is possible but I would be surprised if UK can’t handle their business on Saturday.  I think it is possible for UK to get the blow out win but that has not been their style this season.  I think Kentucky gets a large lead then lets it get closer by the end of the game.  Kentucky 42 Louisville 30.