#10 Kentucky vs Tennessee State University Preview

 Assuming the UK team did not eat themselves into Turkey coma’s they will have an easy time with the game on Friday.  Compared to the other early season games that Kentucky has had so far this one points to a big blow out.  Look for the Cats to be able to do whatever they want with the ball on the offensive end.  


            TSU comes into this game returning virtually none of their production from a team last year that had 15 wins and 15 losses. They also are a short team with their largest player being 6’9”.  They are inconsistent from behind the arc and shooting lots of three’s is the only prayer that they have in this game.  If they are hitting their threes then this game will stay within 20 but I expect the Cats to try to take away three shots after their previous struggles recently. 


            Kentucky should be able to do whatever they want against the TSU team.  Expect Kentucky to have another one-sided rebounding advantage.  UK will dominate the offensive boards and get lots of easy put back baskets.  PJ should have another strong game and Travis should have an easy double double. Hopefully we will see either Montgomery or Richards step up and have a great game.  For the Cats it is going to come down to three point defense and turnovers. If they can keep TSU under 7 three’s and under 11 turnovers this game will get out of control and quickly.  



This game should be a blowout.  Kentucky outmatches this team in every aspect of the game of basketball.  This will be a game where the team looks like their Bahamas alter ego and win big.  Even if UK is struggling from shooting from the arc then they can just score at will on the inside.  Kentucky 105 – TSU - 65