UK gets 8th Regular Season Win

#17 Kentucky 34     Middle Tennessee State 23


UK gets 8thregular season win


            Kentucky got their 8thregular season win for the first time since 1984 and the fifth time in school history.  What an amazing season this football team has had, and it’s not even over yet!   On senior day the cats came out and made a huge statement early in the game taking a quick lead and holding it throughout.  It was an exciting, fun, frustrating, nerve-racking, and glorious game. So basically it was a Kentucky football game.


Middle Tennessee State

MTSU ran every offensive package possible and it was successful at times allowing them to move the ball.  They have a great quarterback in Brent Stockstill, who was getting hit hard by the UK defense in the first half but kept coming back out and confidently throwing the ball. This is a good football team and they had a great game plan that they executed well.  Kentucky’s defense was just better.


Kentucky Defense

            Kentucky started the game off with a pick six and a fumble recovery.   Mike Edwards got the interception and caused the fumble.   The Cats did struggle with the MTSU pass game for the middle part of the game but overall looked great.  Josh Allen has the amazing ability to become unstoppable at exactly the right moment.  After MTSU made a run to get back in the game Allen sealed the victory for the Cats getting a huge sack on fourth down.  This was a great way for this mostly senior lead defense to come out and play in their final home game.


Offensive play calling

            I am not a football guru and will not pretend that I understand how to call plays better that the UK coaching staff.  I do struggle to understand the run the ball up the middle mentality of the offense when a first down is a must and the defense has 11 players in the box.  I was able to watch football games most of the day on Saturday and when comparing it seems like we run a very simplified offense.  I am not asking for a spread “air raid” offensive package but or run plays seem straight up the middle without any misdirection.  It has won us eight games so it is working I just wonder if there is any truth to the rumors that Stoops will not let Eddie Gran open up the playbook the way he would like.  


Kentucky seniors

            Thank you to all of the Kentucky seniors and the hard work you have put in turning this program around and becoming an exciting and fun football team to watch.  


The Attendance

The crowd at Kroger field on Saturday was far from the largest crowd UK has ever seen.  This has caused some players and a portion of the fans to get on social media and blast the UK fan base for being “weak”, “fair-weather”, or a “bad fan base”. STOP IT!  I am a season ticket holder that for personal reasons had to stay in Louisville and watch the game on television.  I did post my tickets Friday afternoon to give someone that can go an opportunity to buy them at a cheap rate and enjoy the game.  For anyone to throw out a blanket statement about what I truly believe is the greatest fan base in all of college sports because of the attendance of one game is rude and not correct.  There are many reason why the crowd could have been small on Saturday that has nothing to do with disrespecting a football team that is beloved in the state right now and I will go through a few.  

            The cost of going to a football game with your family is very high.  I know this is the case everywhere but I will never begrudge a family that needs to utilize their money in a different way then spending it at Kroger Field.  It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and that means it is the weekend before the start of the busiest time of the year. With so many people travelling this upcoming week it makes sense to me that some people may have chosen not to travel to the game this weekend.  Not everyone lives in Lexington and whether the game starts at noon or at seven the vast majority of this fan base has a commute that will play a part in attending the game. The opponent was MTSU.  If we were playing Louisville or an SEC school than the attendance would have been better.  If you want big turnout on senior day then schedule an opponent that will get the fans excited.  We will be going to a bowl game this year.  If as a fan I had to choose between going to the MTSU game or going to whatever bowl game we are going to be playing in I would choose the bowl game every time.  I would spend my money on watching the Cats play for a chance to get their 10thwin of the season.  The last reason people may not have come to the game is life.  I love this program and this team with all my heart but I also have a life that doesn’t allow me to schedule everything around sports.  Does that make me or anyone else a bad fan? No it doesn’t, the measure of how good a fan someone is does not revolve around game attendance.  I wish the seniors could have had the entire state show up to thank them for all of their hard work because they deserve to be thanked.   This is a great class and one of the best in school history.  We are living in a climate where people are politically at each other’s throats and we have lost the ability to disagree without name-calling.  Kentucky sports should the one thing that everyone in the Commonwealth can come together and cheer arm in arm for without division. So stop calling out your fellow fans as being bad.  We aren’t, we are amazing and Kentucky fans should be above turning on each other. As always, Go Big Blue.



Scoring Breakdown

UK – Mike Edwards 66 Yard Interception Return 13:33 1Q 7-0 Kentucky

UK – Benny Snell Jr. 7 yard Rushing Touchdown 8:36 1Q 14-0 Kentucky

UK – Miles Butler 38 Yard Field Goal 1:35 1Q 17-0 Kentucky

MTSU – Chaton Mobley 6 Yard Touchdown Reception 11:20 2Q 17-7 Kentucky

UK – C.J. Conrad 11 Yard Touchdown Reception 8:40 2Q 24-7 Kentucky 

MTSU – Crews Holt 33 Yard Field Goal 1:04 2Q 24-10 Kentucky

UK– Benny Snell Jr. 6 Yard Rushing Touchdown 10:30 3Q 31-10 Kentucky

MTSU – Ty Lee 10 Yard Touchdown Reception 4:32 3Q 31-16 Kentucky

MTSU – Patrick Smith 5 Yard Touchdown Reception 13:18 4Q 31-23 Kentucky

UK – Miles Butler 32 Yard Field Goal 4:01 4Q 34-23 Kentucky