#10 Kentucky vs VMI Preview

Kentucky plays VMI on Sunday evening.  VMI should bring more competition than North Dakota did but not anything the young Wildcats cant handle.  This will be another game playing against a team that is returning most of their production from last season but should not be able to keep up with the Cats.  Games like this are important for a team built like UK early in the season.  Having to fight a team off in the first half will to win will help develop UK more than destroying a team that has no chance.  



VMI returns nine of their top ten scorers from last year’s team and the one they didn’t return was their fifth leading scorer.   Granted that team had a record of 9 wins and 21 losses. Still it will be good for the Cats to play a team with this much experience.  VMI has a 6’10” big man in Creammer but the rest of their returning production are guards on the smaller side.  With this being the case I would expect VMI coming out and try to run with the Cats. Also look for their guards to drop back in the lane to clog passing lanes.  As with most of UK games this year though the match up is all about what Kentucky is going to want to do and VMI is going to have to hope UK has a bad shooting night.  



The Cats should be able to dominate this game on the inside.  Expect Travis, Richards, Washington, and Montgomery to all put up big numbers.  Although I expect VMI to clog the lane I think the Cats will get a lot of transition points and shoot their way into spreading out the Keydets.  Hopefully UK will have better point guard play and get their turnovers under a little more control.  As I say every game I don’t see anyone on the VMI roster that can slow down Keldon Johnson.  I expect him to have another strong game.  It is going to come down to how well the Cats are shooting, if they are hitting shots this game will get out of control.  I expect them to have some early struggles but eventually get a comfortable lead.  Should be a fun night for UK fans.



Kentucky is going to win this one without too much difficulty.  Expect the game to be close through most if not the entire first half but the Cats will pull away in the second half.  Kentucky 85 VMI 65.

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