That’s a Little More Like it

#10 Kentucky 96 vs North Dakota 58


That’s a little more like it


            Kentucky destroyed a very out matched North Dakota team on Wednesday night.  After a slow first couple minutes of the game Kentucky took over and dominated the Flying Hawks.  This is what many fans were expecting to see when the season began.  Kentucky gave much better effort on the court and all around looked like a much better team.


            PJ Washington played the type of game that I was expecting from him every game.  He is unstoppable and when he is making threes consistently he is simply not guardable.  It is important for him to start having some good games like this early in the season. I expect this to be the type of play UK gets out of him consistently by the end of the season.  


            Tyler Herro finally had a game that looked more like how he played in the Bahamas.  This was also the first game that it looked like the game plan was not to run the offense through Herro.  Tyler is a great player and an elite scorer but I think he is going to play his best ball when the offensive pressure is not on his shoulders.  Herro still has a lot to do on the defensive end but this was the first game that he showed improvement on that end of the court.  


            EJ Montgomery, Reid Travis, and Nick Richards are all going to have a rolling cycle of inconsistent game play early in the season.  Look for one or two of those players to have a good game at a time with the other struggling.  I expect this to be the way the bigs play out until near the end of January where UK will start getting consistent play from all three.


            There are still lots of question marks at the point guard position.  Green is still looking horrible and fantastic in different parts of the game.  His game needs to get more consistent.  Quickley and Hagans are getting better but for UK to have success one of these guards needs to separate himself from the rest of the group.  


            Any time you beat an opponent by almost 40 points it’s a great game.  Just ask Duke.  This is a very talented team that is going to get better and better as the season progresses. If there were any worry signs to me it would be Calipari in his post game interview.  He was asked where this team could go and unlike preseason Cal, he did not respond with a swaggy remark.  Cal instead talked about how this team has a lot to figure out and needs some players to step up for them to have success.  This is going to be a very good team by the end of the season and this was the first regular season game where we got a glimpse of how good they can be. 

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