Cats Get Their First Win of the Season

#2 Kentucky 71 vs Southern Illinois University 59 Recap


Cats get their first win of the season


 It wasn’t pretty but UK ended Friday night with the first win of the basketball season. As I expected this very talented and young basketball team had some trouble with the experienced Salukis. This is yet another example of why I will always take talent over experience.  Kentucky looked completely lost on the court for most of the first half. After the first 11 minutes Kentucky had 11 turnovers.  This is a Kentucky team that although extremely talented is nowhere near being ready to compete at the top level of college basketball.  It’s okay though there is a long season ahead.  


            Kentucky is really struggling to find out how to make their offense work.  It doesn’t help when Tyler Herro goes an entire game without hitting a shot.  Foul trouble kept Reid Travis completely out of this game not allowing him to make the same impact that he will usually make. Nick Richards returned to the way he looked in the Bahamas.  He got the most rebounds by a player in the Cal era pulling down 19.  Quade Green is a player that I feel will be very important to this teams success.  He plays out of control at times but when he has it clicking the Cats play their best ball. 


            Keldon Johnson showed again that he is the best player on the UK roster.  I am excited to watch him develop as the season progresses.  The freshman point guards are playing, well like freshman point guards.  They will get better as the season progresses.  I was also impressed with the way that EJ Montgomery played.  He is making more of an impact then I was expecting from him this early in the season.  


            This team is going to take some time to get to their peak performance level.  I was expecting and disappointed when I realized we weren’t going to be getting the 2015 team type of results.  We aren’t going to be that good all year but I think we can maybe be that good by the end of the year.  It’s a process and although having patience is a hard thing for UK fans to have that is where we are.  We didn’t blow out this team, but we learned and got better.  We will continue to get better as this year progresses.  Don’t give up on this UK team, they are going to be special when it is all said and done.